Neighbors For 
Better Neighborhoods

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The Organizers’ Circle

Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods' Organizers Circle is the place where neighborhood leaders and activists come to get refreshed, refueled and recharged. The Organizers' Circle offers neighborhood leaders the opportunity to meet and engage with other leaders from across the city.

Leaders and residents get the opportunity to relax while sharing the news of the day and its impact on the community at large. Ideas are shared, support is garnered, mobilization happens, coalition-building is started, campaign planning occurs, direct-action plans are created, and relationships are built in the space. 

 Hosted every Tuesday from 12pm -2pm by Neighbors for Better Neighborhood Staff. The atmosphere is informal with plenty of energy to move issues from problems to solutions.

The Organizers’ Circle is a floating brown bag lunch open to residents and triad visitors. This is just one of the ways NBN is connecting people as we stay on mission:

  • Enjoy networking, information sharing, and great environment at NEW Community space monthly!
  • Take advantage of quarterly relaxation retreats as we explore different spaces that are unique assets in our community.
  • Complimentary snacks & Build Sessions for weekly sharing of ideas for creating a stronger Winston-Salem.

Organizing Support

Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods believes in an asset based-strengths approach to community building. If you would like Technical Assistance or Leadership Development in Community Mapping your neighborhood assets, Community-Based Participatory Research, Coalition-Building, Direct-Action Planning or Community Outreach, organizing a Neighborhood Association, Campaign Development or support in strengthening your neighborhood network please contact us at 336.473.8859 or 

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      The Neighborhood Network!

“Their are no quick fixes to our community issues, but new options surface when more perspectives are at the table.” —Neighbor Up!

If you’re ready to be a part of a powerful network of neighborhood leaders and resident-led community groups then sign-up and become a member of NBN's Neighborhood Network!

The Neighborhood Network is a diverse group of residents working together to connect, share ideas, leverage resources in the community to create neighborhoods where everyone can be successful. 

The Neighborhood Network is a place of open exchange in the community where ideas can gain momentum, build support, and evolve.

Meets every 4th Thursday - 5:30-8:00 at different locations throughout the city.
Join us!!!

The  NBN Timebanks is online exchange of the gifts, skills, and talents of neighborhood residents organizations.
  •  A biweekly tutorial is offered free at the Forsyth Tech Small Business Center located at 525 @ Vine Downtown.
  • Custom tutorials are also offered to organizations and associations by scheduling.
  • Community potlucks and clothes swaps to attract Timebanking members and build trust in communities have been successful.
  • NBN Neighborhood Network Timebanks now has over 300  members and has helped build capacity for several businesses (The Village Country and Produce Store,) and organizations ( Faith Health NC, Senior Services & Cook Literacy Model School).
    If you are interested in sharing your skills with others, or locating specific talents, signup here:  NBN Timebanks

Join the NBN Neighborhood Network if you believe that:

  • We all have something to give .
  • We need each other to thrive and grow .
  • Communities are stronger when we work together.

At the Neighborhood Network we believe:

  • Neighborhood change requires intentional spaces where residents can connect and share.
  • Sharing diverse opinions and ideas are needed to create common goals, before acting together.
  • It is important to identify, appreciate, and include everyone’s unique gifts, skills, and talents when    building the community.

We are all in this together.  We need you! Join us as we create opportunities for people to come together to make meaningful change in their lives and in their communities!

Youth Speak Out Leadership with Mayor Allen Joines.

Youth Speak Out (Y-SO) is a community organizing and leadership development project that is committed to training lifelong organizers. Y-SO supports organizing, advocacy and actions that address systems of oppression. This youth-led work develops solutions that challenge existing power dynamics. Y-SO is grounded in inclusiveness and equity, with an understanding and commitment to dismantling systems that prohibit working class or lower wealth people and youth from fully participating in a democratic society of building civic power.

Resident Organizers

Resident Organizers live and serve in their own neighborhoods. With passion, commitment, collaboration, and hard work, they expand on the neighborhood vision and improve the quality of life in their community.

NBN’s Resident Organizers are passionate and committed to their mission of uniting and improving their neighborhoods.  Resident Organizers make a year-long commitment to serve with Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods in their own communities. They focus their efforts on building the organizational, administrative, and financial capacity of their neighborhoods. Resident Organizers concentrate on community concerns such as: improving health services, fostering economic development, fighting illiteracy, and otherwise assisting their neighborhoods.