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Opportunities We Offer

At Neighbors For Better Neighborhoods in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we partner and collaborate with community members to achieve a collective vision. Our community capacity building organization encourages people to engage and trust the process of building relationships in their neighborhood. Read on to learn more about the scope of our services.

What We Do

ABCD Philosophy

Asset-based community development (ABCD) is an approach used for the sustainable development of communities based on their gifts, skills and talents. It is a strengths-based model rather than a needs-based model. It involves assessing the resources, skills, and experiences available in a neighborhood or community; organizing the community around issues that move its residents into action; and then determining and taking appropriate action.

Grassroots Grants

The purpose of the Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods (NBN) Grassroots Program is to strengthen neighborhoods in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County by supporting a wide range of community-based initiatives.

Our Grassroots Grants Program awards range from $100-$5000 (Community-wide) and $100-$10,000 (Place Matters). 

In addition to grassroots grants NBN provides technical assistance and leadership development to support groups who have been awarded funds to become better connected with one another and other resources in the community.

NBN's Resident Organizer Program

NBN’s Resident Organizer Program (ROP) is a way to put the idealism of Asset Based Community Development into action. As a resident Organizer, participants can help make their neighborhood a better place: help children learn, protect the environment, or bring needed services to their community through our Asset-Based Community Development Strategies.

Our Resident Organizer Program is a real-life education and work experience wrapped into one. As a member of our team, participants will learn responsibility, teamwork, leadership, and other essential skills that can help them in all areas of their lives. And they will gain the personal satisfaction of taking on challenges and seeing the results.

As a part of our ROP, residents will receive training up to a one-year term, professional organizing coaching, income, and perks from peer organizations.

Parents Connect

Parents Connect is a parent-led initiative that connects parents to parents and impact driven resources, establish trusting relationships, identify gifts, skills and talents and encourage parents to be active decision makers, playing meaningful roles in their children’s curriculum and classroom behavior.

Parental involvement is the cornerstone of everything within the Parents Connect program. Engaged parents improve the overall educational outcomes and experiences for their children. The Parents Connect program utilizes a holistic approach to strengthen families through informative parent/child initiatives and enrichment opportunities for student success.

NBN TimeBanks

The NBN TimeBanks is an online exchange of the gifts, skills, and talents of neighborhood residents’ organizations.

  • A biweekly tutorial is offered for free at the Forsyth Tech Small Business Center located at 525 Vine Downtown.
  • Scheduled custom tutorials are also offered to organizations and associations.

If you are interested in sharing your skills with others or locating specific talents, sign up here.

The Neighborhood Network

“There are no quick fixes to our community issues, but new options surface when more perspectives are at the table.”

- Neighbor Up!

We meet every 4th Thursday from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM at different locations throughout the city. Get in touch with us today for additional information.

Join the NBN Neighborhood Network if you believe the following:

  • Neighborhood change requires intentional spaces where residents can connect and share.
  • Sharing diverse opinions and ideas are needed to create common goals, before acting together.
  • It is important to identify, appreciate, and include everyone’s unique gifts, skills, and talents when building the community.

Youth Speak Out (Y-SO) Leadership With Mayor Allen Joines

Youth Speak Out is a community organizing and leadership development project that is committed to training lifelong organizers. Y-SO supports organizing work, advocacy, and actions that address systems of oppression. This youth-led work develops solutions that challenge existing power dynamics.

Organizer’s Circle (OC)

Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods' Organizers Circle is the place where neighborhood leaders and activists come to get refreshed, refueled and recharged. It is hosted every Tuesday from 12pm -2pm by Neighbors for Better Neighborhood Staff. The atmosphere is informal with plenty of energy to move issues from problems to solutions.

The Organizers’ Circle is a floating brown bag lunch open to residents and triad visitors. This is just one of the ways to connect people as we offer these opportunities:

Working Groups

Community work groups - organizes residents around productive dialogue on community issues to find workable solutions. Work groups recruit residents from all parts of the community to find resident-led solutions and create sustainable neighborhood change. Community Work groups allow residents space to share their knowledge and understanding of pressing neighborhood issues while also gaining knowledge from experienced organizers.

Working group sessions can range from 3-6 months and meet on a schedule agreed upon by the group participants. Working groups are resident-led learning spaces and anyone can start a group based on their interest.


Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship is an arrangement in which a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity or nonprofit organization (the Sponsor or Grantor = NBN) agrees to accept donations on behalf of another entity that is NOT tax-exempt (the Project or Grantee). In a Fiscal Sponsorship, the Project or Grantee can apply for grants, conduct fundraising activities, and accept tax-deductible donations through the sponsor (NBN). The Sponsor/Grantor (NBN) can also provide other services to the Project,
such as administrative support.

Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods’ (NBN) Fiscal Sponsorship Program is an adjunct program to the Grassroots Grants Program that is designed to strengthen neighborhoods in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County by supporting a wide range of community-based initiatives. Our fee for this service is an 8% administrative charge of the project amount.

Print Shop

NBN’s Community Print Shop is one of the ways Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods give back to local grassroots groups and community-based nonprofits. We allow our members to make color copies for only $0.25 per copy. You can also get a black and white copy for only $0.07 per copy. There is a 24-hour processing time for large orders.

Facilitation Services

NBN provides support for working groups by providing meeting space, marketing of the group, coaching for facilitators, and childcare services for reasonable a cost.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Service guides neighborhood community-based groups through a specific set of assessments and planning processes that will lead to the creation of a short-term action plan or a long-term strategic plan.

Organizing Support

Organizing Support is a process used to bring the talents resources, knowledge, and skills of people in a community together to transform themselves and their neighborhoods. NBN's Community organizing program offers support to the long term and ongoing neighborhood improvement work. Assistance to neighborhood groups through community organizing acts as a bridge between technical assistance and leadership training that is provided by NBN with the ultimate goal of creating strong, viable and productive neighborhoods. Services are offered to Nonprofits and Institutions at a service rate of $80 an hour.  


NBN provides workshops to community institutions that are providing services in neighborhoods making them aware of the principles of “Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)” and helping them move from a deficit service delivery model to a strength-based model.

Topics can have included: Gentrification, Entrepreneurship, Understanding the Local Economy, Participatory Budgeting, Neighborhood Blight, Workers Cooperatives, Sustainable Communities, Community Safety, Youth Engagement and much more… Services are offered to Nonprofits and Institutions at a service charge of $600- $1,200 for in house workshops. 2 Day REI Workshop $10,000 which includes meals and snacks.

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