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Strengthening Neighborhoods & Families 

We recognize that poverty is a complicated and multi-faceted problem. We also believe in the need for significant changes in the systems and structures — laws, behaviors, attitudes, policies and institutions — that make a difference to people and their communities. To this end, the Strengthening Neighborhoods & Families Program includes initiatives that assist community members in overcoming tough barriers by providing concrete assistance like access to employment and workforce training. 

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Digital Equity Program 

NBN is a partner of Digital Bridges Forsyth. Are you ready to level up your digital skills? Digital Bridges Forsyth has computer classes that are here to help you become tech-savvy and boost your career opportunity. You will receive a FREE laptop when you complete the 4 hour class!

Training and Technical Assistance

In order to encourage community-led development initiatives, we want to ensure that residents, community associations, and organization partners have all of the information and tools they need. 

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Health Disparities Collaborative

NBN's collaborative initiative with local healthcare providers and organizations to address health disparities by improving access to healthcare services and advocating for health equity policies. These monthly meetings are open to the public.

The Resident Health Connector

The Resident Health Connector Initiative is an innovative initiative designed to improve community health by leveraging the power of connection and local knowledge. This initiative positions residents as Health Connectors, who act as bridges between their community and health resources.

Health and Wellness Community Connector

The objective of this project is to understand the social factors that impact neighborhoods within Winston-Salem. Establishing a Resident Health Connector has the potential to help address, at a grassroots level, health inequalities and health-related issues. 

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