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Physical And Human Assets Contribute To The Vitality Of  The Entire Community

NBN works tirelessly to bridge the gaps within communities, ensuring that residents have a voice in their future. We facilitate connections, provide resources, and champion the cause of those striving for a better neighborhood. Our initiatives encompass community-building efforts, from promoting digital equity to fostering economic development.

Our Foundation

Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods (NBN) is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 by the Winston-Salem Foundation and neighborhood residents as a program to support the local community. Our fundamental focus was based on human resources and the importance it being reclaimed and the development of healthy neighborhood leadership while acknowledging that both physical and human assets contribute to the vitality of the entire community.

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Our Mission

Connecting People, Strengthening Voices

and Leveraging Resources.

Our Vision

Safe, Just and Self-Determined Neighborhoods for all residents.

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Community Engagement

We connect community leaders with the resources they need to become self-determined producers of sustainable community development. Our guiding principles are based on the asset-based community development  framework. Our involvement with any project or collaboration in our city focuses on bringing residents to the places where discussions and decisions are being made or processed for implementation.


Utilizing our expertise in Asset-Based Community Development strategies, we can assist you with the following:

Promote the approach of residents in neighborhoods leading the process (resident-led and place-based efforts)

Promote leadership development with a racial equity lens and results-based strategies

Having  the ability to connect people and leverage resources in communities (Grassroots grants, Neighbors in Action (NIA) workshops,  and Resident Organizer Program.

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