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Join the Cause, Help Build Better Neighborhoods

At Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods (NBN), we're more than an organization; we're a movement dedicated to community transformation. As a public, non-profit organization, our core mission is to connect people, amplify voices, and harness resources to empower communities.


Strengthening Neighborhoods & Families

Neighbors for Better Neighborhood is partnering with neighborhood groups, community based organization and institutions to create outcomes by partnering with economically vulnerable families. Here’s an opportunity to assist NBN with fundraising to strengthen neighborhoods and families.

Resident Organizing & Capacity Building

The lack of resident engagement in neighborhoods tends to create a neighborhood culture where crime and violence breeds poverty.  Here’s an opportunity to assist NBN with fundraising to provide a resident organizer for your neighborhood.

Grand Opening

Racial Equity &

Economic Mobility

We need your support more than ever. Our program participants are some of those most impacted by racial inequities, and this will only worsen as the natural dip in resources continues across Forsyth County. Here’s an opportunity to assist NBN with fundraising to improve economic mobility.

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