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Strengthening Neighborhoods & Families 


NBN Programming

We recognize that poverty is a complicated and multi-faceted problem. We also believe in the need for significant changes in the systems and structures — laws, behaviors, attitudes, policies and institutions — that make a difference to people and their communities.

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Grassroots Grants

Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods offers micro-grassroots grants in the amount of $500-$5,000 for your community building projects. The funds come from a combination of private foundations, corporate sponsors, and individual donations. We take care of raising the money, so you can carry out your resident-led, place-based project.

Spring 2024 Grant Cycle:

March 18th- Public Info Session

April 1st- Letter of Intent (LOI) due

April 15th- GRG Application Opens (must be invited to apply)
April 22nd- GRG Application is due

May 1st- Announcement of Awardees

May 1st-May30th- GRG Orientation (Required and scheduled when convenient for you)

June 1st- Checks prepared for grantees

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants must either live in one of the Place Matters neighborhoods OR be a woman applicant living in one of the following zip codes: 27101, 27105, 27107, 27127

Place Matters Neighborhoods:

Northwood Estates, Monticello Park, Ebony Hills, Prospect Park, Wildewood Park, Cardinal Acres, Castle Heights, Spaulding Drive, LaDeara Crest, Bowen Park, Eastgate Village Apartments, Dreamland

Please send questions to Mimi Harding at or email 

Resident Leader Initiative

To increase the self-sustainability of community projects & initiatives, residents need to be directly involved and have their voices heard. To that end, the Resident Leader Initiative identifies residents of traditionally underserved Winston-Salem communities that are looking to take action and represent the desires of their neighbors. They work 10 hours each week and are paid a living wage to engage with neighbors in a holistic community organizing process to help:

  • Strengthen and develop neighborhood associations

  • Organize and collaborate with residents on community-led projects and programs

  • Encourage and advocate for participation in actions affecting policy change & Voter Registration Drives

  • Mobilize around priority needs and opportunities selected by their neighbors

  • Plan, facilitate, and document monthly community meetings

  • Spearhead results-oriented, and resident-led change

  • Informational Webinars - Organizer’s Circle ​

The Resident Leader Initiative is a direct application of the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) approach to the fulfillment of NBN's mission. Our Resident Leaders are assets — they are talented, caring, and active individuals who are passionate about making their communities better places to live for all of their neighbors. Since they live in the neighborhoods that they serve, they are the experts in what their neighbors identify as concerns. They are empowered to advocate for the change they truly want to see in their own backyards and partner with local associations and institutions accordingly. 

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Digital Equity Program

NBN is a partner of Digital Bridges Forsyth. Are you ready to level up your digital skills? Digital Bridges Forsyth has computer classes that are here to help you become tech-savvy and boost your career opportunity. You will receive a FREE laptop when you complete the 4 hour class!


What We Offer:

Basic Computer Skills

Essential Internet Skills

Internet Safety Practices

Operate Programs

Professional Online Presence

Format Documents and more!

Our Program Managers:

Tasia Wilson -

Alicen Brown -

Shakerra Jones -

Training & Technical Assistance

Training & Technical Assistance plays an integral role in our mission to connect people, strengthen voices, and leverage resources. We provide training to community members on: 


  • Community Engagement

  • Asset-Based Community Development

  • Starting & Strengthening Neighborhood Associations

  • Applying for & Reporting on Grassroots Grants

  • Racial Equity via the Racial Equity Institute

We also provide technical support to community members who require assistance using Google Workspace applications, Microsoft Office, Zoom, and other programs in their community work. 

Training & Technical Assistance is our method of ensuring community members have access to the knowledge, skills, networks and motivation to build more equitable systems and challenge entrenched structures for the benefit of their neighbors and families.NBN’s training curriculum is also part of our Resident Leader Initiative which focuses on supporting the work of community members interested in taking a leadership role in community projects.

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NBN's initiative offers workshops on various topics, including civic engagement, economic mobility, community development, and health and wellness, to empower and educate community members.

REI Training

NBN's collaboration with The Racial Equity Institute (REI) to provide transformative training sessions that deepen understanding of structural racism and its impact on communities.

ABCD Training

Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) Training is one of NBN's initiative that focuses on asset-based approaches to community development, leveraging the strengths and resources of the community to address challenges.

The Resident Health Connector Initiative

The Resident Health Connector Initiative is an innovative initiative designed to improve community health by leveraging the power of connection and local knowledge. This initiative positions residents as Health Connectors, who act as bridges between their community and health resources.

Health Connectors are residents who are trained to educate their peers about available health resources, encourage healthy behaviors, and guide them in navigating the health system. They play a critical role in promoting health and wellness within their communities, addressing a broad range of health issues from nutrition and exercise to chronic disease management.


Community Resident Health Connector Trauma-informed Model: NBN's trauma-informed care initiative, training and empowering community residents as health connectors to support trauma survivors and bridge the gap between the community and healthcare resources.

Doctor and Patient

Health Disparities Collaborative Initiative

NBN (staff, resident leaders, and community members) collaborates with local healthcare providers and organizations to address health disparities by improving access to healthcare services and advocating for health equity policies. 

Meetings occur on the second Thursday of each month from 10:30am-1pm at varying locations.

These monthly meetings are open to the public, but if you would like to receive updates about the collaborative, please reach out to our Community Outreach Coordinator, Shakerra Jones at

Health & Wellness Community Connector Project

The objective of this project is to understand the social factors that impact neighborhoods within Winston-Salem. In Spring of 2022, NBN facilitated listening sessions with residents in designated neighborhoods where NBN has a presence (27101, 27105, 27107) with the aim of collecting information about the residents’ wellness experiences and experiences as clients of healthcare services centered around the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH).


In order to address these disparities, establishing a Resident Health Connector has the potential to help address, at a grassroots level, health inequalities and health-related issues. Additionally, taking action by advocating for long-term solutions that build from communities, their contributions and their wisdom has the potential to reduce vulnerabilities of disadvantaged people in a culturally sensitive manner. 

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Forsyth Wins Groupshot.jpg

Forsyth WINS-(Cure Violence)

Winston-Salem’s Intervention for Non-Violent Streets
A Cure Violence Global Project in Winston-Salem, NC

About the Program
The program targets areas with high violent crime rates and deploys violence interrupters and caseworkers who know the area. The goal is to form connections with people who are most likely to commit the crimes and set them on a different path

Community Fun Day Events
Monthly gatherings of the Forsyth WINS team and neighborhood groups are part of their canvassing efforts to bring awareness of their services. 

Meet the Team
Each WINS team member not only has lived experience with gun violence, but are each leaders and beloved community W-S residents that are well connected in countless circles around town.


NBN Engage- A Virtual Community Platform

Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods (NBN) is a capacity-building and neighborhood support organization with a mission to connect people, strengthen voices, and leverage resources.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made safely having in-person events more difficult. With the growth in online events many communities have been able to stay in touch through an online presence. In that spirit NBN Engage, a virtual community engagement platform will allow members of the community to meet, broadcast their community projects, and view upcoming neighborhood events.  

Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting
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