Neighbors For 
Better Neighborhoods

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Resident-led Community Change

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We're now accepting contributions! We need your help to reach our goal, and any amount makes a difference. Our entire community is better off when all of its neighborhoods are healthy and thriving. 

Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods’ mission is based on a resident-led, asset-based initiative to focus investments on interconnected solutions within all area of Winston-Salem. These complex issues require comprehensive solutions and your support!

To help ensure lasting change in our community, Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods (NBN) is using Asset-Base Community Development to strengthen communities – an innovative, place-based approach to community development from within by working with Neighbors. 

Through your partnership with Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods, we are engaging residents in a number of ways to ensure that our investments align with the priorities of those who live in and experience their neighborhoods every day.


Alvin Atkinson, Board Chair

Dolores Hill, Board Vice chair

Chair OF External Affairs COMMITTEE

Remona Brooks, Secretary, 

Chair OF Governance COMMITTEE


Chair OF Internal Affairs COMMITTEE 

Carissa Joines


John Gladman

community activist

Kevin Cunningham

internal affairs

Layla Garms


Dorothy Bonner, 

External Affairs

Community Activist