Neighbors For 
Better Neighborhoods

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Are you ready to take action in your community?
Then you’ve come to the right place!

Our Mission: To connect people, strengthen voices, and leverage resources with communities to create safe just and self -determined neighborhoods.

Resident-led Community Change

Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods (NBN) is an innovative  Neighborhood Support Organization dedicated to building the capacity of grassroots leaders and increasing the effectiveness of citizens and cities working together.

Founded in 1991, the goal of NBN is to develop collaborative, sustainable communities that improve the overall quality of life of residents in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. For over 25 years, NBN has offered a wide range of opportunities for residents to connect, learn, and apply their ideas in the community. 

Contact us today at 336.602.2519 to learn more about how you can help strengthen your neighborhood.


Alvin Atkinson, Chair

Dolores Hill, Vice chair, External Affairs

Remona Brooks, Secretary, Governance

CAROLYN HIGHSMITH, TREASURER, Internal Affairs,             GG Committee Chair

Carissa Joines, Secretary

John Gladman, community activist

Kevin Cunningham, internal affairs

Cornelius Graves, Past Chair, External Affairs

Jonathan Halsey, Winston-Salem Foundation, Governance

Dorothy Bonner, External Affairs, Community Activist