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Resident Leader-Strengthening Neighborhoods and Families Program

Resident Leaders will:

  • Strengthen and develop neighborhood associations

  • Organize and collaborate with residents on community-led projects and programs

  • Encourage and advocate for participation in actions affecting policy change

  • Mobilize around priority needs and opportunities selected by their neighbors

  • Plan, facilitate, and document monthly community meetings

  • Spearhead results-oriented, and resident-led change

If you are interested in being a leader where you live and a resident in any of the following neighborhoods listed below, please reach out to Christopher Taylor our Equitable & Economic Engagement Coordinator, at or give him a call at 336-298-2891. Lakeside Villas Monticello Park Prospect Park Dreamland Boston Thurmond Northeast Winston Salem: (Abington Gardens, Willow Creek, Piedmont Park, Cleveland Avenue and the Grove) North Winston Salem: (North woods Community, Bethania Station Road, Hampton Court, Enclave, Hadley Apartments, Apple Creek) Northwest Winston Salem: (Yarborough Ave., Stonebow Apartments, Wabash Blvd.) Southwest Winston Salem: (Weatherwood apartments, Charleston Hillside Apartments, Teakwood Apartments, Woodland Apartments)

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