Neighbors For 
Better Neighborhoods

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Dear NBN Community,

Since our founding more than 27 years ago, Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods (NBN) has worked to live up to a simple mission, "Connecting People, Strengthening Voices, and Leveraging Resources."

NBN's commitment to asset-based community development has never wavered, and our dedication to achieving our vision of "Safe, Just, and Self-Determined Neighborhoods" in every corner of Winston-Salem has never been stronger.

Recent media coverage of the work of the Boston Thurmond Innovation Network's revitalization efforts, specifically its proposal to purchase the Plaza Apartments, has brought to light the importance and the power of resident voices. As the community's only community engagement nonprofit, it is our desire to ensure that every resident in the Boston Thurmond community has the opportunity to have his or her voice heard. That is why we support City Council Member DD Adams' recommendation to delay the sale of the Plaza Apartments to allow more time for residents to give input about the vision and goals they have for their community

For the past three years, NBN has deployed community organizers into Boston Thurmond and other Winston-Salem neighborhoods to ensure that the residents had input into the revitalization and development efforts that were happening around them. Our investigation and analysis of the Purpose-Built Communities model confirms our belief that if residents input is valued and included in the decision-making process about changes in their neighborhoods, then these neighborhood residents will have the decision-making capacity to create a "safe, just, and self-determined neighborhood."

We are proud of the rich history and the diversity of gifts, skills, and talents that exist within the Boston Thurmond community and will continue to do everything in our power to preserve, protect, and enhance the experiences of those who call it home. We encourage everyone to visit to connect with and learn more about Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods and the work in our community.


Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods - Board of Directors