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Organizing Opportunities

The Organizers’ Circle

NBN’s organizers circle is the place where neighborhood leaders and activists come to get refreshed, refueled and recharged. Hosted every Tuesday from 12pm -2pm by NBN staff the Organizers’ Circle is a floating brown bag lunch open to local residents and triad visitors.

It is THE place where organizers relax, relate and refresh while sharing the local, state, and federal news of the day and its impact on everyday people.

Open to the public—Lunchtime is the right time to connect, share and learn from leaders just like you and build relationships that make great partnerships and friends.

The Organizer's Circle is hitting the road in 2018. Meetings will be held throughout the city.

                                                                                              The Neighborhood Network!

The  NBN Neighborhood Network has an online exchange of the gifts, skills, and talents of neighborhood residents organizations.
  •  A biweekly tutorial is now offered free of charge at centrally located Forsyth Technical Innovation Quarters downtown.
  • Tutorials are also offered to organizations and associations at their locations as well.
  • Community potlucks and clothes swaps to attract time banking members and build trust in communities have been successful.
  • NBN Neighborhood Network time banks now has over 200  members and has helped build capacity for several businesses (The Village Country and Produce Store,) and organizations ( Faith Health NC, Senior Services & Cool Literacy Model School).
    If you are interested in sharing your skills with others, or locating specific talents, check it out here:  NBN Timebanks

Meets every 4th Thursday - 5:30-8:00 at different locations throughout the city.
Join us!!!

“Their are no quick fixes to our community issues, but new options surface when more perspectives are at the table.” —Neighbor Up!

If you’re ready to be a part of a powerful network of neighborhood leaders and resident-led community groups then sign-up and become a member of NBN's Neighborhood Network!

The Neighborhood Network is a diverse group of residents working together to connect, share ideas, leverage resources in the community to create neighborhoods where everyone can be successful. 

The Neighborhood Network is a place of open exchange in the community where ideas can gain momentum, build support, and evolve.

Join the NBN Neighborhood Network if you believe that:

  • We all have something to give .
  • We need each other to thrive and grow .
  • Communities are stronger when we work together.

At the Neighborhood Network we believe:

  • Neighborhood change requires intentional spaces where residents can connect and share.
  • Sharing diverse opinions and ideas are needed to create common goals, before acting together.
  • It is important to identify, appreciate, and include everyone’s unique gifts, skills, and talents when    building the community.

We are all in this together.  We need you! Join us as we create opportunities for people to come together to make meaningful change in their lives and in their communities!

Organizing Support

Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods believes in an asset based-strengths approach to community building. If you would like support in mapping your neighborhood assets, planning or development of neighborhood projects, or support in strengthening your neighborhood network please contact us at 336.602.2519 or click here.