Neighbors For 
Better Neighborhoods

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      Hosanna House of Transition

One project that was funded last year is an effort to reopen a closed laundromat on 25th Street.

This initiative should provide much needed jobs in that neighborhood. Plans also call for the laundromat to have a childcare center, refreshment area, and dry cleaners.  

"The importance of the funding that came from Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods, it afforded us an opportunity to come in and start our renovations," Sherrill-Oliver said. "When people come here, I want them to experience being at home, being comfortable.” To view the News 14 story, click here.

The Grassroots Grants Program from NBN has distributed $15,000 in small grants to seven grassroots community groups in 2015 to help improve neighborhood communities and initiatives throughout Winston-Salem. These 2015 grassroots grants ranged fro $190.00 to $5000.00. All grantees went through a Monday Night Interest Meeting, and an application process that included a site visit, and each application was considered by the Small Grants committee.

Other Recipients, not featured here: 100 Men's Ministry, who received a grant to develop a community garden to address the substandard eating habits and hunger in the Manly Street Community; the Cleveland Avenue Transformation Team, partnered with Liberty Street Market to host a community day for sharing information about getting involved in community projects.

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